SEVENTEEN Wonwoo Dinotice Central Java Governor, Peek 8 Portraits No Less Plenary

: Name Wonwoo SEVENTEEN suddenly become a hot topic because he dye his hair. Interestingly, the new appearance Wonwoo even equated with Ganjar Pranowo. –
Three members SEVENTEEN (Seventeen (II)) is known to be the brand ambassador of cosmetic products South Korea, Cubeme. They are Wonwoo, Hoshi, and Seungkwan. In the shooting, all three appear cheerful alongside the product in their hands.
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New look Wonwoo immediately became a hot topic. Idol is a Cancer is dye her hair blonde and successfully made Carat (SEVENTEEN fan name) commotion. Because, Wonwoo including members who tend to choose a dark color to hair.

One Carat Wonwoo feel that the appearance is similar to the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo because it has almost the same hair color. Fans Wonwoo it juxtaposing photos and Ganjar Pranowo, so both as a father of children from different countries. Edits the photo uploaded on Instagram Story somehow.a.diary account.

Not unexpectedly, the post attracted the attention of the governor. Ganjar looks responds through Instagram messages with emoji affixing loud. Suddenly alone, Carat immediately excited. Moreover Wonwoo never aspired to become a head of state. Central viral, peep series of portraits Wonwoo no less complete.

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