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Shawn Edwards of Middletown, New York, who? A Murder Story Is Revealed On The Crime Junkie Podcast

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Shawn Edwards of Middletown, New York, who? A Murder Story Is Revealed On The Crime Junkie Podcast

Shawn Edwards, a student at Middletown High School in the Hudson Valley, was addicted to crime as a teenager. At 1986, he was mysteriously murdered and his body was discovered in his own school.

A custodian at Middletown High School discovered her baby’s body early on Thursday morning after she was stabbed to death.

Furthermore, the officer in charge of the investigation said his murder was “unlike any other I’ve seen.” The 14-year-old ran away from home at night, and his body was recovered the next morning at school.

Edwards’ whereabouts were unknown, as was who he was seeing. His mother noted that he had left the house late at night, which was unusual for him. And no one at school was aware of his activities.

Shawn Edwards of Middletown, New York, who? Obituary for him

Shawn Edwards went to New York’s Hudson Valley High School.

In addition, the 14-year-old was a member of the football and wrestling teams at school and exhibited a significant interest in music. He was captivated with athletics from a young age.

Shawn’s mother claims he was good and straight, and she doesn’t believe he sneaked out of the house on January 15, 1986. She dragged him to bed on the night of January 15, but when she awakened, the 14-year-old was nowhere to be found.

As a result, she sought the assistance of her other boys in the search for him until she received word from school that Shawn’s body had been discovered. His body was still alive because his blood hadn’t totally clotted.

He was remembered as a comedian and a jokester by many who commented on that particular post. It will be impossible to ignore a child’s smile. Prayers for him and his family are also being given. Regardless, they are afraid after all these years of longing for the truth.

What Happened In Shawn Edwards’ Murder Story On The Crime Junkie Podcast?

Shawn Edward and his unsolved murder case were featured in the most current episode of Crime Junkie, a show that explores a variety of bizarre crime scenarios from throughout the country.

Shawn told his mother that he needed to meet a friend straight now, according to the event. When Edwards’ request for permission was denied, he snuck off.

Shawn was in seventh grade, and it was a Tuesday evening with a temperature of eleven degrees in his pores and skin. Her newborn, as well as the eldest of her five children, managed to flee. Nobody realized that this was merely the beginning of the horrors that would befall his family if he didn’t finish.

A Middletown High School janitor discovered Shawn’s body outside the building the next morning, about 6:00 a.m., pounded and stabbed with fresh blood.

Shawn Edwards’ Facebook Page And Family

Shawn Edwards was Mrs. Cynthia Edwards’ youngest son.

He was also the youngest of four siblings, with three elder brothers and a younger sister. The family lived in the Hudson Valley of New York. Shawn’s death came as a shock to everyone, especially his family. They will receive our prayers.

In and of itself, the loss of a high school kid is heartbreaking, but the circumstances, both known and unknown, set this case apart from others. No one knew where or why Shawn slipped out of his bed or was forced out of the house in the middle of the night.

Many reports claim that the 14-year-old was seen in a nearby cab. But since the crime has yet to be solved, nothing makes sense. A horrific Facebook post claimed all of their stories, according to his Facebook profile.

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