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“She don’t back down”: Fans laud Claudia for standing up against Daniel in VH1 Couples Retreat Episode 6 

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VH1 Couples Retreat returned for an all-new episode on Monday night. Titled Old Wounds, the show’s drama, this week took a whole new turn as Daniel went off against Claudia and KJ. However, the couple didn’t back down. Especially Claudia, who stood up against Daniel and told him what he needed to hear.

Viewers who watched the episode also praised Claudia for not backing down.

With the retreat nearing its end, all the couples had a new group activity to take part in this week. They had to write down the issues they thought each couple was sweeping under the rug and it had to be read out loud. After the activity, all the couples gathered around to talk about the underlying issues that they thought still existed.

While everyone was with their partners, Jess arrived at the gathering alone and when she was asked where Daniel was, she said that he didn’t come. The next day, KJ, Claudia, Jess and Daniel went on a boat ride to clear the air. While everyone hoped things would go smoothly, Daniel opened up and shared that he would like to apologize to KJ.

It wasn’t a sincere apology, however, and seemed more like a sarcastic one. Daniel said that he thought KJ was someone who would not gossip, but the previous night KJ started a conversation about Daniel when he wasn’t there to defend himself. Daniel went on to say that KJ had picked up traits from Claudia.

The Couples Retreat star added that Claudia is a woman, and since KJ was a man, Daniel expected him to talk to him man to man and not gossip behind his back. Claudia and KJ were taken aback by Daniel’s comments and didn’t back down.

Claudia stated that Daniel had no right to call KJ a woman. She continued by saying that KJ didn’t do anything but ask where Daniel was and that he was one of the most masculine men in the retreat. The Couples Retreat star added that her boyfriend stands his ground and doesn’t run away like Daniel.

Claudia added that the previous night was the third time that Daniel had not been there for Jess when she needed him the most. She also called him out for embarrassing Jess almost every other day since entering the retreat. However, Daniel didn’t keep quiet even after that.

Daniel called Claudia KJ’s publicist and to this, Claudia clapped back, claiming that Jess was his come-up. Fans who watched the episode took to social media and applauded Claudia for not backing down and telling Daniel what he needed to hear.

Fans praise Claudia claiming she spoke facts in VH1 Couples Retreat Episode 6

Across Twitter, Couples Retreat fans lauded Claudia for not backing down. Some also added that they agree with whatever Claudia said.

What else happened on Couples Retreat this week?

Apart from Daniel’s drama this week on Couples Retreat, Rada and Michael also faced drama of their own. After Michael’s revelation last week to the other ladies, Rada was heartbroken and couldn’t digest the fact that if Michael was given an ultimatum, he would end up leaving Rada.

Rada shared that she didn’t know if she should still get married to Michael after him being persistent about not giving up his side chicks. More drama will unfold when Couples Retreat returns next week.

VH1 Couples Retreat airs every Monday night at 9 pm ET only on VH1. Readers can check your local listings for more information.

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