Sieun STAYC Triggers Worries about Wearing Oversized Shoes, Almost Falls, Stylist Is Criticized

: STAYC’s Sieun recently sparked concern when attending a radio show on KBS. This is because he is seen wearing high heels that are too big.
Wearing shoes with a high level of comfort is the most important thing for someone. However, lately STAYC fans seem to be worried about their idols who are seen wearing shoes while walking in front of the camera.
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Fans are worried about STAYC member Sieun because she looks like she almost fell from shoes that were too big for her. Compared to the other members, who wore relatively comfortable shoes that fit their body shape, Sieun was seen wearing high heels that were clearly too big for her.

What worries fans is that there is a video showing Sieun almost falling while walking towards the SBS building to record a radio show. Sieun seems to have lost her balance and almost fell after spraining her ankle due to her large high heels which was caught on camera while the idol was walking.

Before Sieun seemed to be on the verge of falling, he was seen walking much slower than the other members and was clearly uncomfortable. Therefore, many fans gathered in online communities to criticize the stylists who had dressed up the girl group.

“Those shoes are too big for him, he probably fell and injured himself really badly,” commented a fan. “Her shoes are not so pretty,” wrote another. “Why did they ask him to wear that?” another comment.

“Stylists should provide shoes that fit,” another fan commented. “Those shoes don’t even look good with the clothes on,” wrote another fan. “Looks like clown shoes, lol,” wrote a fan. “It looks painful how his ankle is twisted like that,” commented a fan. “They could have already gotten a shoe that fits her, they should know her shoe size”, “Omg, I wonder if her ankle is okay”, “She could have fallen really hard and been injured really badly”, “Really big size . Those shoes don’t suit her at all, why did the stylist dress her up in them?” and “That’s a bad stylist,” commented a protesting fan against STAYC’s stylists this time.

Meanwhile, it is not uncommon for the stylist who is responsible for providing the best appearance for the artist to be criticized for choosing clothes and shoes like those worn by Sieun. Fans regret how dangerous Sieun’s shoes are with sizes that don’t fit her feet.

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