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“Stanbury is insufferable and boring”: Why are RHODubai fans slamming Caroline Stanbury in Episode 4?

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Tonight on RHODubai, Nina Ali invited all the girls to her husband’s business partner Bijan’s birthday party. Caroline Stanbury brought her then-fiance Sergio Carrallo, who politely met with the cast members and joked around them.

Caroline did not like him talking to Chanel and Lesa and commented that he had become one of “them,” referring to the girls of RHODubai. In the absence of Chanel, she made an inappropriate comment about Lesa sucking his d**k. All the other members at the table were shocked by this remark.

When Chanel returned, Stanbury refused to accept that she said the statement in the way Lesa was portraying it and instead accused her of ‘stirring things up.’

RHODubai fans were shocked by the statement and accused her of being a liar. They said that she had no storyline of her own and was not a right fit for the cast.

RHODubai fans accuse Stanbury of lying

Stanbury had fought with Chanel over her exclusion from the Bachelorette party and refused to attend Lesa’s fashion show. Tonight, while she did apologize to Lesa for missing the show, she defended herself by saying it was not about her and again lied about being caught up with the wedding preparations.

After her remark, Lesa tried to lighten the mood by laughing, but after Sergio left, she said,

“Are you Nuts?”

Chanel supported Lesa by saying,

“She’s so dark hearted.”

RHODubai fans accused her of being a misfit with the cast and accused her of being a liar.

What happened tonight on RHODubai?

Tonight, Caroline S. visited the construction site of her new home with Sergio. Her friend Kate was leading the construction tour. She said that they could move into the home by the summer. Sergio joked about the house having a baby room. He had earlier asked Caroline to think about having a baby. She reminded him that she was 45 years old and said,

“I don’t know if I wanna have a new born baby today.”

She felt that Sergio was immature because of his age. Sergio is 27 years old.

Caroline Brooks went on a mall tour to find the perfect location for her spa and salon center. She said her dream was to have her salon and fill the demand gap for an ‘inclusive’ spa space. She went over budget.

Caroline also revealed that she started real estate without knowledge and did well in the industry. She also confessed that she became a self-made millionaire one year after her divorce and said,

“I have never failed.”

She talked to her son about a kid that was bullying him on the school bus. She said she wanted him to interact with other kids and so did not send him to a private school but a public one.

Nina Ali’s husband wanted to gift her a car for their 11th wedding anniversary. He also asked her if she wanted to buy a different kind of license plate with one or two digits.

The episode description reads,

“Sergio and Caroline Stanbury come to an impasse regarding having children together. Caroline Brooks puts plans for her spa in motion. All the ladies meet up for the first time since the disastrous C’est La Vie party. Fireworks ensue when Sergio shares some laughs with Ayan and Lesa.”

RHODubai airs on Bravo every Wednesday at 9 pm ET. Fans can watch the episodes on Bravo’s website and Peacock’s streaming application.

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