Strange fish with ‘Dracula-like fangs’ and reflective body found in California

Strange fish with 'Dracula-like fangs' and reflective body found in California

Viral: An bizarre fish with Dracula-like fangs was noticed via a seaside walker in California. See footage: A peculiar fish that seemed like a “Dracula” was found via a seaside walker in California, US.

The fish had two Dracula-like fangs that caught out the entrance of its mouth, along a big dorsal fin, an elongated body, and massive eyes.

The bizarre fish measured about 4 feet in duration and was reportedly nonetheless alive when the walker found out it earlier than attempting to put it again into the surf.

Photos of the fish had been posted to a local news feed known as The West Marin Feed.

Christopher Martin, the curator of ichthyology at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, recognized the creature as a lancetfish.


Long-snouted lancetfish, scientifically known as Alepisaurus ferox, are huge predatory fish that may develop up to seven feet in duration.

They are living in oceans all throughout the international apart from for the polar seas at depths of between 350 and 6,500 feet

Lancetfish hunt basically in the Twilight Zone.

Twilight Zones are spaces of water the place just a small quantity of daylight reaches even in transparent tropical water.

In the very low gentle, the reflective scales of some creatures lend a hand them mix in with the gloom round them, making them seem the identical colour as their atmosphere.

Predators every now and then hunt via peering upwards and discerning their prey via silhouetting in opposition to the glimmer of gentle from the floor.

Lancetfish are active predators, and the bizarre nature of their stomachs implies that their foods incessantly stay intact so scientists can see what they have got been consuming.

Lancetfish someday even devour smaller lancetfish as they take no matter foods come their method in the Twilight Zone.

The fangs point out that the lancetfish hunt actively.

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