Suami Negatif Covid-19, Chacha Frederica Ungkap Momen Lucu Sang Buah Hati Kala Berpelukan

: Chacha Frederica stocks the glad news referring to the well being situation of her husband, Dico Ganindito. Chacha stated that her husband had recovered from the Covid-19 virus.
Good news comes from Chacha Frederica. How not, Chacha introduced that his loved husband, Dico Ganinduto had recovered from the Covid-19 virus. Previously, Dico have been uncovered to the Covid-19 virus.
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After present process remedy, Dico was declared cured of the virus. Chacha shared this glad news on his non-public Instagram account web page.

In the add, Chacha expressed gratitude and thank you for all the prayers given to her husband. Chacha additionally stated that her husband would go back to paintings after trying out destructive for Covid-19.

“MashaAllah TabarakaAllah.. Alhamdulillah.. thanks Allah…thanks for all the prayers for @dicoganinduto… Alhamdulillah it’s destructive…God keen, we will go back to active paintings once more,” wrote Chacha Frederica, Thursday (24/2).

Chacha revealed that she right away hugged her husband. Not simplest by myself, Chacha stated the child additionally embraced her loved husband.

“I didn’t inform him straight away, he didn’t say it was destructive, however after having a shower, he got here out of the room and right away hugged us… I already perceive what it way to be destructive,” stated Chacha Frederica.

In addition, Chacha additionally revealed a humorous second when the child hugged her husband. So glad, the princess did not permit Chacha to hug her husband.

“Cassia is tremendous glad till her mommy needs to hug her daddy, it’s ok, just for Cassia MasyaAllah.. Mommy additionally misses daddy, non huhu. Alhamdulillah, thanks, God, “concluded Chacha Frederica.

This glad news was right away greeted with gratitude through Chacha’s fans on Instagram. “Thank God, thank God, the spirit of the regent is wholesome, a success, all in all, amen,” commented one netter. “Alhamdulillah, expensive regent, wholesome and sturdy, congratulations biidznillah alfatihah,” stated every other netter. “Alhamdulillah, Sis, at all times wholesome for everybody,” stated every other netter.

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