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Taylor Mock & Tia Booth declares to be Pregnant on Father’s Day

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Fans are interested in knowing how old Taylor Mock is now because he and Tia Booth got engaged in April 2022, which was less than a year after they competed on the seventh season of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

After dating Tia Booth, a TV personality and ex-lone wolfess, Taylor Mock, a project and interior engineer by trade, rose to notoriety. Tia Booth was a lone wolfess in the past. She was once a member of the bachelorette club.
The pair just just shared some details regarding their reality show “The Paradise,” in which his name was used in connection to another contestant named Tia Booth.
In addition, Tia Booth’s pregnancy announcement has been going viral on the internet, leading many people to believe that the couple is expecting their first child.

Taylor Mock & Tia Booth Ages

As of the year 2022, it is not known how old Taylor Mock currently is. Nevertheless, it seems that he is somewhere between the ages of 30 and 35, and Tia Booth is currently 31 years old.
She was born in 1991, and the 11th of August is the day on which she chooses to spend her birthday with both her family and her friends.
As a consequence of this, it would appear that there is not a significant age gap between them because they are both in the same age range. Tia is a citizen of the United States of America, having been born in the city of Weiner, which is located in the state of Arkansas.
Similarly, Taylor is a native of the United States, having been born in the city of Nashville.

Concerning Taylor’s previous experiences in the realm of education, He received his bachelor of arts in economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara in the year 2015. In 2018, he received a master’s degree in business administration from Arizona State University, where he had previously studied.
He is employed in the fields of interior design and project management. Certifications in project documentation as well as project coordination are under his belt.
In addition to that, he has worked with a variety of well-known organisations located all over the world, such as Remodeling Plus and Watson Bros.

Pregnancy announcement by them

Taylor Mock and Tia Booth are excited to announce that they will soon become parents. The former contestant on Bachelor Nation broke the news to his social media followers on Father’s Day.
Given a consequence of this, the reality star found the news to be bittersweet, as her father had passed away in February 2022 following a lengthy battle with colon cancer.
Tia revealed the news of her pregnancy with a picture that was only in black and white. In the photograph, Mock can be seen standing behind her and supporting her growing baby bump.
On another of the photo slides, there is a snapshot of Tia when she was younger, posing with her father. She began her lengthy statement by adding, “I’ve never felt such great anguish and pure ecstasy at the same moment.” She went on to elaborate on what she meant by this statement.

The message went on to say, “I wish I could tell my dad all the fantastic news in person,” but it gave me comfort knowing that he knew about everything much before I did. “It gives me comfort knowing that he knows about everything much before I do.”
The host of the Click Bait podcast remarked in a lovely manner, “I have no doubt that my father had a role in this.”

Taylor Mock and Tia Booth  Instagram 

Taylor Mocka and Tia Booth, who respectively go by the handles “tiarachel91” and “tmock39” on Instagram, are currently both very active users of the platform.
There are currently thousands of people who follow and admire them.
A significant number of their fans reached out to them through Instagram. In a similar vein, the two individuals used to share all of their most recent updates on Instagram.
Both of them have recently posted photographs of one another on the respective Instagram profiles that they each maintain.
Taylor Mock is an engineer by training and a model professionally, thus throughout the course of his career, he has amassed a sizeable wealth. After moving to California, he focused all of his attention on fulfilling his dream of being a musician.
After making a significant amount of effort, he was successful in making new acquaintances. In the year 2020, he says something that is both puzzling and dismissive of contemporary music. Before leaving his position at Watson Bros., he served as a project manager there.
Fans of The Bachelor were first made aware of Tia Booth during the 22nd season of the show. The season hosted by Arie Luyendyk Jr. featured her as one of the contestants. She was one of the last four females until she was eliminated in a manner that was completely unexpected.

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