Texas Death Row Execution Melissa Lucio, How Did Lucio’s Daughter Mariah Die? Case Update

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Texas Death Row Execution Melissa Lucio, How Did Her Daughter Mariah Die? 

On February 15, 2007, night a gaggle of 5 Cameron County, Texas, cops wondered a Mexican American mother whom they suspected of murdering her two-year-old kid.

Melissa Lucio was in a precarious scenario. She was pregnant with twins and was in surprise and depression. 

Mariah, her youngest kid, had collapsed and been pronounced lifeless simply two hours prior to.

A rising body of proof, was by no means heard at trial and some purposefully hid via prosecutors, issues to an excessively other conclusion the place Mariah died of inside accidents led to via an unintended fall, not from her mother’s beating was resulted.

The mother Melissa Lucio was discovered accountable of capital homicide regardless of the protection’s arguments and was later sentenced to demise in 2008.

Dr. Norma J. Farley, a pathologist, testified that the kid’s postmortem proved that she did not die from sliding down steps and that her accidents had been in step with blunt-force trauma.

In addition, in accordance to courtroom filings, the emergency division doctor mentioned that he had by no means encountered a case of kid abuse as damaging as Mariah’s.

Melissa Lucio Jail Sentence And Mugshot

The police officers didn’t let the suspect’s flaws get in the investigation. They interrogated Lucio for almost six hours, overdue into the evening, the use of the famed “Reid Technique,” a contentious interrogation methodology that has led to a number of faulty convictions in the United States.

They mentioned that they had “so much of proof” that she was to blame for the girl’s demise, who compelled her to take a look at photos of her corpse.

Then they briefly switched tone, as the Reid methodology dictates. They gently persuaded the hispanic ladies that if she admitted to killing the infant, she would be in a position to “put this to leisure.”

Not most effective that, Lucio protested her innocence no less than 100 instances that evening.

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During the trial, Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos, who was operating for re-election and is now serving a 13-year federal jail sentence for bribery as neatly as extortion, portrayed Lucio’s taped phrases from her wondering as a confession.

According to Lucio’s protection, Mariah’s accidents had been led to via her tumbling down the stairs, and Lucio’s mental disorder contributed to her contradictory accounts to government.

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