The reason BLACKPINK didn’t make a comeback, wasn’t it YG Entertainment’s fault?

: Lee Hi, a former YG artist who is now signed to AOMG, once explained about the YG artist’s comeback schedule and defended the agency. He revealed why YG artists rarely come back.
Every time BLACKPINK (Black Pink) comeback, their songs become hits and attract global attention. However, unlike other groups which frequently make comebacks every year, BLACKPINK’s last music release as a group was over a year ago, irritating fans and criticizing YG Entertainment for its bad treatment of the group. But is it really YG’s fault?
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Lee Hi, a former YG artist who is now signed to AOMG, once explained about the YG artist’s comeback schedule and defended the agency. During her promotions for HOLO, Lee Hi guested on “Look Me Up” which was posted on July 23. Lee Hi did a challenge where she looked up her name online and read fan comments.

When Lee Hi saw the comments saying that she was the most unfairly treated YG artist, she was shocked. Lee Hi went on to confirm that YG treated her well, the agency invested in her and gave her a lot of support when the female singer started her career.

After that, Lee Hi explained why YG artists rarely have a comeback schedule. “There are many artists working under YG. Each promotional activity of an artist takes about 2 months. This means that there are only 5 YG artists who make a comeback in a year,” he explained.

Lee Hi also expressed his hope that fans would not misunderstand and emphasized that he was not a victim as people say. After knowing the reason why YG artists rarely comeback, netizens have a better understanding of YG artists’ comeback schedules. However, the audience in general and BLINKs in particular were a bit disappointed because BLACKPINK’s comeback never happened.

Looking back on last year, many names under YG had impressive comebacks. The first was two explosive solo performances from two BLACKPINK members, Rose and Lisa.

Then there are the comebacks of other artists such as iKON with “Why Why Why”, TREASURE with “My Treasure”, two WINNER (II) members (Song Min Ho with “Tang” and Kang Seung Yoon with “YAH”), AKMU (Akdong Musician) with “NAKKA” and SechsKies with Don’t Look Back.

Right after that, another artist hinted at their comeback in 2022. Recently, TREASURE made a comeback with “JIKJIN” whose music video cost 500 million won. Right after that, YG confirmed BIG BANG’s comeback this spring. After that, the photos of the WINNER members in the studio also showed a comeback not far away.

Although YG was vindicated after a series of criticisms, BLACKPINK fans in particular and YG fans in general didn’t like the way they worked. However, it’s impossible not to admit that YG’s MV is heavily invested, so a 2 month preparation period for an artist is natural. What do you think?

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