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The video of a drunk woman abusing a cop has gone viral on social media

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The video of a drunk woman abusing a cop has gone viral on social media.

Hello, social media aficionados! A video has gone viral on all of the major social media sites. The startling footage shocked all of its viewers, who were shocked to see such unprofessional behavior toward a police officer. A intoxicated woman is seen in the video causing havoc on the highways. This isn’t the first time that such behavior has been brought to the audience’s attention. The entire incident occurred in Navi Mumbai on March 25, 2022; nevertheless, the footage of the incident began to go viral after a few months. Find out more about a Viral drunk woman who assaulted a police officer.

If we look at the video more closely, it depicts a woman who is heavily intoxicated and has no concept what kind of wrongdoing she is committing. The incident began when the lady assaulted a cab driver. She made a tremendous commotion on the road, drawing the attention of the police officers who were patrolling the area. One of the cops attempted to examine the situation, but the woman began misbehaving with him.

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As previously stated, the very inebriated woman attempted to assault the cop. She even took the cop’s mask and attempted to kick him, but she failed since she fell in the midst due to the effects of the alcohol. She tosses the cop’s mask aside and speaks into the camera. The footage is being recorded by several observers. Although, if a cop is assaulted while doing nothing and conversing on the phone, he or she may call the female officer. All of this is being done on purpose while the woman is under the influence of alcohol. She laid on the road, capturing the attention of bystanders with their cameras.

The woman was assaulting the cab driver throughout the journey, according to the cab driver, and she even tried to grasp the steering wheel and take control of the vehicle. When the cab driver got out of the car and came out, the woman began abusing and pushing him again. A Twitter user shared a sequence of 11 videos circulating on the Internet depicting the drunk woman’s misbehavior.

There were three women who were disrupting law and order at the moment. It’s suspected that all three ladies were arrested and booked for incarceration at the time. There is, however, no formal confirmation of this.

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