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The War Next Door: Is It Based On A True Story?

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The War Next Door: Is It Based On A True Story?

“The War Next-door,” also known as “Guerra de Vecinos,” is a Mexican comedy series that was created by Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sariana. The show centers around two matriarchs named Leonor Salcido and Silvia Espinoza, who loathe one another. Their dispute begins when one of them causes damage to the other’s automobile, but it quickly becomes more serious when they discover that they live in the same neighborhood. The conflict between the matriarchs does not allow anyone in the family to lead a quiet existence, despite the efforts of the family members to live normally.

The first episode of the show was shown in 2021, and it is an exciting ride that features humor that is spot-on and scenarios that are amusing. Because of how talented they are as actors, Ana Layevska and Luz Aldán ensure that the audience laughs at every single punch in the show. Fans are not only interested in learning the specific location at which the series is filmed, but they also can’t help but wonder how the idea for the show came to be. Is “The War Next-door” a fantastic piece of fiction or is it based on actual events that occurred? You’re in luck, because we have the answers you’re looking for!

Is There Any Truth to the Story of the War Next Door?

No, the plot of “The War Next-door” is not derived from actual events. Carolina Rivera and her husband, Fernando Sariana, are responsible for the development of the comedy series. The show illustrates the contrast between two families from distinct origins who are forced to cohabit as a result of inescapable circumstances through the characters of Leonor and Silvia. Because they get off to a bad start, the two clans, each of which believes that they are superior than the other, attempt their best to bring the other clan to its knees.

Even though the tone of the show is light-hearted and the primary focus is on physical comedy and slapstick humor, the conflict that arises between the two families is inspired by actual life events. Throughout the entirety of the show, both of the families’ matriarchs engage in conversation and make conclusions about one another based on racial and economic prejudices. As soon as Silvia spots Leonor and her family walking around the neighborhood, she immediately goes into patrol mode. She then asks Leonor whether she is an employee at somebody’s house, insinuating to Leonor in a roundabout way that she could never reside in such an expensive neighborhood.

Although the tensions between the two ladies are a direct result of the unpleasant things that each has done to the other, their dislike for one another is first rooted in the expectations that are upheld by society. When the comedic setting of Silvia’s persona is removed, it is impossible to deny that she has a condescending attitude toward individuals who are less wealthy and do not have as high of a social position as she does.

Although ‘The War Next-door’ may not be based on actual events, numerous aspects of the show appear to have been lifted straight from the headlines. Fights between neighbors over a variety of concerns are almost unavoidable, and almost everyone has been involved in at least one of these altercations during the course of their lives. One last thing to consider is how the characters in the program make snap decisions, which is, regrettably, something that happens fairly frequently in real life.

Locations Used for Filming “The War Next Door”

Mexico’s Guadalajara Metropolitan Area serves as the setting for the filming of “The War Next-door” or “The War Next-Door.” The role of cinematographer for the program has been taken on by a variety of individuals, including Jaime Andrés Duque and Tito Reynoso. Let’s take a more in-depth look at this, and find out more information on the location where the comedy series is created.

Guadalajara, the capital city of the Mexican state of Jalisco, serves as the principal shooting location for the comedy series ‘The War Next-door,’ despite the fact that the show’s action takes place in Mexico City. Additionally, the city of Zapopan, which is located inside the location, was utilized as a background in some of the scenes. Viewers who have keen eyesight will be able to recognize the streets of both cities that are in the background.

Guadalajara is regarded as one of the most important cities in Mexico and is sometimes referred to as the Pearl of the West. It is a safe refuge for culture and is well-liked within the Mexican entertainment sector. During the first week of March of each year, the Guadalajara Foreign Film Festival honors both Mexican and international cinema with a celebration that lasts for a whole week. The festival has contributed to the increased recognition of Mexican media on an international scale. The Guadalajara Cathedral and the San Juan de Dios Market are two of the most interesting landmarks in the neighborhood.

However, we are confident that rather than filming the Netflix series in famous monuments, the producers chose to film in the residential districts that are located inside the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. The production of “The War Next-door” is not even close to being the first one to take place in Guadalajara and the neighboring areas of the city. Other television shows, such as “The Mosquito Coast” and “Lady of Steel,” were filmed in the bustling city as well.

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