Used to Sleep on the Floor, WINNER and iKON Shock TREASURE Members Have Their Own Rooms

: As guests on the latest episode of ‘The Game Caterers 2,’ the WINNER and iKON members were shocked to learn that the TREASURE members have their own rooms.
There seems to be a difference between past and present YG Entertainment groups. It can be seen from the reactions of WINNER (II) and iKON who were shocked after knowing that the TREASURE members had their own rooms.
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YG artists appeared on the latest episode of the show “The Game Caterers 2” on February 25, 2022. This tvN program was hosted by the famous PD Na Young Suk.

During this episode, PD Na learned about the fact that the WINNER and iKON members were still living in the dorm. “Doesn’t Song Min Ho live separately?” asked PD Na.

When Song Min Ho confirmed the question, PD Na again asked, “When did you decide to live independently?” The two are indeed quite close thanks to the show “New Journey to the West.”

iKON’s Kim Jinhwan joined the conversation by saying, “We could have moved on when we thought, ‘I might be married by now.’”

PD Na turned to TREASURE and asked, “So, TREASURE still has a long way to go, right?” Then Jihoon replied, “That’s right. We live well together in four groups.”

Teammate Hyunsuk added, “I’m satisfied with my own room.” After hearing that, Kim Jin Woo and Song Min Ho were shocked, “Did you just say that you used your own room?”

Shocked, Song Yunhyeong sighed deeply after asking, “You guys have only debuted for 2 years, right?” Kim Jin Woo said, “I used to sleep on the floor,” and Song Yunhyeong replied, “I also slept on the floor.”

Hyunsuk explained, “The company told us to use separate rooms as soon as we debuted.” Jinhwan and Yunhyeong looked at each other and said, “Times have changed.” Kim Jin Woo added, “I was really shocked.”

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