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VIDEO: Young Child Tips Drag Queen with Exposed Fake Breasts at Michigan Bar

In this article, we will read about “VIDEO: Young Child Tips Drag Queen with Exposed Fake Breasts at Michigan Bar

A video of a small child tipping a drag queen with fake breasts out in the open has gone viral and made people angry on social media.

The video was first posted by TikTok user @davidlovesdragok, who said it was shot at Hamburger Mary’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in September. This was shared by the Twitter account @LibsofTikTok. Even though the video below is from last year, it has only recently gone viral on social media across the country.

The TikTok account calls the man “Yara Sofia,” a drag queen. In the video, the man is dressed as a drag queen and dances around the restaurant with his fake breasts out. When he gets to an older woman with a child on her lap, the drag queen covers her fake breasts while smiling and taking money from the child.

He then gets money from a few more people and goes to the front of the stage to hit the fake breasts. The video has a simple caption that says, “OMFG.”

In response to @LibsofTikTok’s tweet, Brad Polumbo, who writes for the Washington Examiner, said, “As a gay person, I want nothing to do with this.”

Many people have responded to LibsofTikTok’s post to say that the child shouldn’t be at such an event.

Gabriel Burgos Ortiz, 38, is from Puerto Rico and went by the name “Yara Sofia.” He was on the TV show Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Hamburger Mary’s is a chain with locations all over the United States. It says on its website that it is “an open-air bar and grille for people with open minds.” It also says that it “offers a flamboyant dining experience.”

Grand Rapids’s Hamburger Mary’s, which has since closed, advertised Yara Sofia’s show in September, saying that he would be there on September 23.

This month, Breitbart News reported that a “family-friendly” video called “Drag the Kids to Pride” went viral. The video showed drag queens dancing in front of babies and toddlers at a Dallas pride event.

“The event was anything but ‘family-friendly,’ as drag queens danced and lip-synced while kids gave them money like at a strip club,” Breitbart News wrote.

Story of a Drag Queen In recent years, there have been more and more hours where men in drag read to young children. Breitbart News said that New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) tweeted this week that he supports these kinds of events.

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