WATCH: 8-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Stealing Chips Video Goes Viral On Social Media

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WATCH: 8-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Stealing Chips Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Recently, an 8-year-old boy has arrested for stealing a bag of chips. Yes, you heard it proper. A minor has stolen a bag of chips from his close by comfort retailer. At first, the store proprietor thinks he would purchase so much of chips packets as a result of he was chilling with his pals and going on a travel. But when the proprietor knew that he was stealing it. He known as the police officers and the police officers put him into the jail. This news has long gone viral on the web at an overly speedy fee. Many had been protecting him on each and every social media site. In this article, we gonna inform you in brief why did he devote this crime. And what’s the explanation why for this. Follow More Update On

8-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Stealing Chips

On Facebook, pictures has been circulated on the web that A police officer was attempting to make the kid sit down in his automotive to scouse borrow the chips. But the kid refused to sit down in the automotive. And the officials forcefully put him in the automotive and took him to the police station. The video were given 50,000 perspectives with 1.6k feedback. The remark segment was with the child’s aspect. A stranger who was recording the video at the moment, says, you are doing improper with the child. If I was her mother then I indisputably give protection to him. He is only a minor. You can depart him with announcing a caution message. He knew his mistake. You don’t have to put him in prison for this small mistake.

8-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Stealing Chips Video

One officer replies to him If he breaks into your own home and steals one thing then what?

You are treating him like a cold-blooded f***g killer. Jackson spoke back.

The means you deal with him was illegal. You can’t do this with anyone. Leave him on my own.

The boy’s father, Anthony Weah advised that he needs to record a grievance in opposition to the ones two officials. They didn’t deal with them rather well. Why would any police officer deal with the kid like that? You simply arresting him for a $3 bag of chips. We simplest need one factor and this is to release him as briefly as conceivable. If you don’t release my son then, I’ll gonna takes this case to the court docket degree. As of now, we now have simplest this a lot information, if any replace will come, then we probably gonna inform you. Until then practice this site.

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