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WATCH: De Goey Video and Photos Viral on Twitter and Reddit

In this post, read about “WATCH: De Goey Video and Photos Viral on Twitter and Reddit”

WATCH: De Goey Video and Photos Viral on Twitter and Reddit: The Internet is active yet again after a rather unpleasant video of the player Jordan de Goey that has been circling around the internet. Jordan De Goey is yet again seen as part of yet another controversy that has been with him a lot lately ever since a controversial video of him has been getting targeted by many great of the AFL. This brings us to the question that what exactly is the video about that led to Joey’s targeting by the greats. Follow More Updates On

De Goey Video and Photos

Let’s talk about the video that is on the internet which led to the incident. The video footage of Jordan is related to a party in Bali in which the player can also be seen. He is rumored to be seen with some thieves that seem to have malicious intentions and were trying to imitate a vulgar act and even tried to expose the breasts of a woman at the party which is not tolerable at all especially when a big player is around that area.

There have been investigations that are being conducted by Collingwood and the AFL. They are investigating the video that has been becoming a hot topic on the internet. Any findings will be revealed officially and then we will relay them to you as soon as possible.

De Goey Video Viral on Twitter

The legends of AFL such as Matthew Lloyd and Kane Cornes have been questioning the intentions of the player over the nightclub controversy as to whether any other top player would have gone to a party held overseas if they happened to be in his position.

Jordan clarified that the trip to Bali was during a mid-season break, but there have been some other questions that have been raised by the legend Lloyd. He said that 10 years down the line Jordan will have a lot of regrets if he didn’t make the best out of the abilities that he was blessed with. The time that is lost will never come back and this will only let him feel regret and wish for another chance.

De Goey Video Explained

Jordan De Goey took the time to address the mess that has piled up and has been causing him trouble. He thanked his family and friends and also the supporters who are still there for him.

He also said that he would like to address the manhunt that has been done on him and the segregation that has been faced by many athletes on social media so that they can create a narrative that has no solid base nor is their much information and is very biased. He felt lucky that he still had support but felt bad for those who are not as fortunate as him. If no one speaks for the change then this may turn into a tragic turn of events.

The woman that was seen with Jordan has also defended the player as said on social media that she couldn’t believe the heat that the player has been receiving. There have been no further statements by the investigators and we might get to hear them soon. Let’s see what will happen.

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