WATCH: Sasural Simar Ka 2, 23rd February 2022 Full Written Episode Update, Raj Tries To Kill Gajendra On His Birthday!

WATCH: Sasural Simar Ka 2, 23rd February 2022 Full Written Episode Update, Raj Tries To Kill Gajendra On His Birthday!, Sasural Simar Ka 23rd February 2022, : Hello pals, nowadays once more new information for you. Raj tries to kill Gajendra on his birthday. But, he was stopped through Gajendra’s family contributors. They blame him for the entirety like monetary difficulties and well being issues confronted through Gajendra. Now, Raj has no opposite direction to get rid of Gajendra and sends an nameless letter via Chanakya which unearths the entirety about him. Everybody makes a decision to exile Raj from their properties. But, no person can prevent Raj from killing Gajendra on his birthday even after realizing about his previous deeds however Durga comes in between to prevent Raj from doing so. Stay tuned to our site for the latest updates!!!! Follow Celebrilla for more updates.

The tale starts with Gajendra yelling at Raj, he says that if he doesn’t pass to the challenge on time it’ll ‘spoil’ their night time out.
Raj asks him to keep his tone as a result of the nation is in bother and it’s vital for Raj to pass to the challenge.
Raj says this as a result of his boss is looking forward to him.
Later, He asks him to keep at house as smartly however Gajendra tells him that it’s not conceivable, so quickly he’ll get started doing his process correctly.
The homicide thriller is progressing and in the end, the secret of Raj’s reason why for killing Gajendra got here out in the open.
Raj’s actual reason for murdering Gajendra got here to gentle.

He sought after to manipulate Priyanka and get her arrested in order that he can keep in prison and be on my own with Priya. But all of it went mistaken when Gajendra were given again alive. Now, Raj will check out to get rid of them as soon as once more and kill them each. But what is going to occur subsequent? Raj tries to kill Gajendra. He desires to take revenge for his spouse. He is insecure about his sexual orientation. Gajendra is refused when she asks him to kiss her. Before leaving house, he reminds Gajendra that she has to deal with his daughter smartly.

After a soar into the global of high-class drama, the widespread program Sasural Simar Ka returns with a fair more electrifying season.
This time round, the epic love tale of Karan Mehra and his love for Simar will be proven on-screen.
The show is based totally on the similar novel written through creator Shireen Tandon and stocks equivalent moments of feelings and sorrow that each and every trustworthy lover will have to have long gone via in his or her lifetime.
Watch how Simar and Karan come across this fantastic love tale, which is certain to strike you emotionally.

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