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What Happened To David Ruffin From The Temptations? Did He Really Steal The Mic?

In this article, we will read about “What Happened To David Ruffin From The Temptations? Did He Really Steal The Mic?

David Ruffin, who is famed as a Temptations singer, passed away due to a drug overdose.

After his time with the Temptations, he is considered one of the most significant soul singers of all time. He had been living his peaceful lifestyle in Philadelphia with his girlfriend, Dianne Showers, since 1989.

What Happened To David Ruffin From The Temptations?

The renowned singer was kicked out of The Temptations because of his aggressive behavior. Another reason for his elimination from the group is that he skipped one of their concerts.

The news about the singer was streaming on the internet, and his fame and prestige were harmed to some extent.

Unfortunately, his association with The Temptations came to an end in 1991, but he is always recognized for some magnificent songs under his name.

It was surprising to learn about David’s rude behavior, but his younger brother explained that the brilliance of David was undoubted.

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How Did David Ruffin Die?

The death news of David Ruffin made headlines and the cause of death was discovered to be a drug overdose. 

He was 50 years old at the time of his death, as his birth date was January 18, 1941. He had established himself as a successful American soul singer and musician.

According to Joan Duffy, a police detective, a driver found David in an unconscious situation and took him to the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania emergency room. After one hour, he was declared dead at the hospital. 

David began his career with the songs “You and I” (1958) b/w “Believe Me” (1958), which were recorded at Vega Records. As per some sources, he was admitted to a rehabilitation center in 1967. 

There is various news of the singer’s involvement in drugs, and David has also become one of them. His career was destroyed by his drug addiction.

Did David Ruffin Really Steal The Mic? 

The rumors about David jumping on stage and stealing the mic were streaming on social media vigorously. After terminating with The Temptations, he found a way to enter the stage at an event and grabbed a mic from Edward’s hand.

Some people explain that the incident occurred at least three times before Ruffin attempted to shuffle out of the security guards to move outside of the stage.

Being one of the influential personalities, that was dreadful behavior by David. However, some of the viewers considered that scene funny to watch.

Despite accommodating immense security to keep Ruffin out, they could not stop him from entering the stage.

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