What Happened To Lil Tjay After Getting Shot? Emergency Surgery Update

Rapper Lil Tjay was immediately taken to an emergency ward of a nearby hospital after getting shot.

His situation is reported as serious and the man is reportedly under an emergency surgery at the time of writing.

TMZ was among the first sources to disclose this information publically which is now followed by several other online media portals.

Another recognized media portal, Complex, mentions trying to establish a direct connection with the reps of the rapper.

However, they are yet to receive any kind of response from the other side as of this time and further information on this matter is yet to be collected.

Seeing this disclosure flow on the social media platforms and other internet outlets, his fans, as well as the music fans in general, are showing signs of concern towards the singer.

Many users are trying to collect any related facts on this matter and are worried about the rapper’s situation.

Although no further update is obtained at this time, we hope the personality’s surgery is a success and he recovers quickly.

How And When Did Lil Tjay Get Shot?

Lil Tjay got shot on a Wednesday night on June 22 and he was caught in one of the two shootings that took place in Edgewater, New Jersey.

As per the official report, he was shot after midnight in Edgewater in Edgewater.

Lil Tjay in a cover photoshoot
Lil Tjay in a cover photoshoot (source :

But there were two shootings at the same time, one at a Chipotle restaurant and another at a nearby Exxon Gas Station.

Besides Tjay, another victim is also reported on the scene. The victim at Chipotle was shot multiple times while the other was shot once.

Among the two, which one is the rapper is not reported as of now.

The police arrived at the scene after someone from the site dialed 911 after the incident took place.

Upon arriving at the scene, the authorities immediately transferred the victims to the hospital where both of them are thought to be going through intensive recovery procedures.

Although the police have disclosed some hints about the incident, an official report from them is still pending at this time.

An update on this matter is expected as soon as possible.