What Is Wrong With Jack Della Maddalena’s Nose? 

MMA champ Jack Della Maddalena jovially mentioned his meet with Sean and how he enjoyed his nose, getting impressed with it. For some time, his nose has been a discussion topic among his fans. 

And when his opponent’s nose got busted in the recent fights, Jack drew more attention to himself. The fighter might have a history of injury that he doesn’t want to speak much on. 

However, looking closely at the MMA fighter’s nose, it seems slightly shifted to the side. Either he was face punched, or there is a different story behind it, remains a question for the moment. 

What Is Jack Della Maddalena’s Age? His Wikipedia Biography

Jack Della Maddalena’s Net Worth As A MMA Fighter

Jack Della Maddalena estimated net worth might be over a million, looking at his rising career in MMA. He is a professional fighter who has signed a contract with UFC. 

MMA Fighter, Jack Della Maddalena
MMA Fighter, Jack Della Maddalena

He seems to have a pay rate of over $50,000, which would extend to a maximum of $74; if taken purses, sponsorship, and winning bonuses. Additionally, he earns from the brand endorsement, which he often shares on his social media. 

Family Life Of Welterweight Champ Jack Della Maddalena 

Welterweight Champ Jack Della Maddalena has started his married life with his long-term girlfriend. He is currently enjoying his journey as a husband and wife.

The couple doesn’t appear to have made any plan on extending their small family for now.