What Kind Of Back Surgery Did Jesse Watters Have? 

Jesse Watters didn’t have back surgery. However, he was hospitalized for five days because of a back injury. 

He spoke about his back pain after he departed from the show. Watters confessed that he had a back spasm and had to go to the hospital. 

Jese Watters  In Hospital After His Back Injury
Jese Watters In Hospital After His Back Injury

Jesse was featured on an episode of The Five where he was transported to the emergency room. He stayed in the hospital for four to five days. 

The journalist is pleased that he will not have to endure back surgery. He would have to be on bed rest for several months if the operation were to be conducted.

Jesse Watters: Fox News Host Injury Update

Jesse Watters, the host of The Five and a well-known political commentator, had a serious back injury.

He was forced to take a break from his Fox News program and was put on leave for a few weeks as a result of his injuries.

Jesse Watters On The  Final Episode Of Watters World
Jesse Watters On The Final Episode Of Watters World

Jesse confessed about his back troubles after the assigned program in April 2022. He didn’t have to undergo surgery. 

The host of Five returned to Fox’s The Five show on April 25, 2022, according to the news platform’s official website. 

Where Is Jesse Watters Today?

Jesse Watters is now in good shape and fully fit and regularly appears on the show The Five.

He was earlier on leave to recover from a severe back injury. The political commentator returned to the show on Monday, April 25, 2022. 

Jesse was in a new controversy after revealing the flat-tire incident wherein he flattened the air from his second wife’s car tire. 

He explained on-air that after doing so, he offered the lady a ride, which she accepted because she had no other alternative.

Jesse happily revealed how excellent the plan was, but he had no idea what kind of reactions the audience would have.