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What time will I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 3 air? Release date, plot and more details about TLC’s show

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I Love a Mama’s Boy is returning with season 3 on TLC at 10 p.m. ET on June 19. The new season will once again show boyfriends and husbands who are still “spoiled, coddled and spoon-fed” by their mothers, leading to a “serious romantic crisis” between men and their partners.

Ever since the series’ debut, I Love A Mama’s Boy has been a huge hit among viewers. The moms on the show have crashed their son’s honeymoon, snooped on their son’s proposal, and have gone the extra mile to prove their extreme love and affection to their sons, much to their partner’s dismay.

All about I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 3

I Love a Mama’s Boy will premiere Season 3 on Sunday. The new season will have 12 episodes. The official synopsis of the show reads:

“This series follows different women as they compete for the affection of their significant others…with their significant mothers! Mother/son favorites Kelly and Matt and Laila and Shekeb return with a new set of smothering issues, as three new couples struggle with cringeworthy to catastrophic moments – including a forced paternity test – that erupt as these women vie to become the leading lady in their man’s life. But cutting the cord between a mama and her son is far more complicated than anyone imagined!”

Season 3 will see the return of Matt and his mom Kelly. Matt’s girlfriend Kim broke up with him at the end of season 2 due to his mommy issues. However, mama’s boy has found love again with 25-year-old dental assistant Brittany. According to the network:

“She’s a firecracker who stands up for herself and holds her own against Kelly’s incessant and increasingly outrageous hazing.”

Following a dramatic break-up with his girlfriend Kim, Matt and his mother, who confesses that she does not want to “share” his son with anyone, have gotten closer than before. In a preview of the clip, he says:

“I’m very close with my mom. She’s my best friend. A lot of people find that odd.”

Other mom-son duos who will return in the new season include Laila and Shekeb. Shekeb’s girlfriend Emily will also return in season 3 after repeatedly clashing with the domineering Laila in the first two seasons.

New cast members of I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 3

The new season will also feature three new mothers who cross all boundaries to showcase their ever-growing love for their sons. Ethan and Ester are one such duo. Talking about his “sexy” and “hot mom” Ethan says:

“She will be naked and she’ll be walking me right down the aisle.”

Ethan’s girlfriend is “very jealous” of their bond but still keeps up with it.

The other pair is dad to two kids Roberto and his “crazy mom” Nancy, along with his wife Christie. The last is almost “30-years-old” Tre and his mom Lorenda who “basically lives in the backyard”.

For his mother “Tre is the apple of my eye.” Their relationship is creating trouble in his love life as his girlfriend is contemplating breaking up with him if Tre does not change.

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