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Where Are Brandon Hargrove, Dayna Hargrove, and Courtney Manzer Now?

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Where Are Brandon Hargrove, Dayna Hargrove, and Courtney Manzer Now?

Jarret Clark’s abduction and subsequent murder in May 2006 initially perplexed detectives. However, they soon realized that the gang he was with, which comprised Brandon Hargrove, Dayna Hargrove, and Courtney Manzer, was responsible for the murder. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Swamp Murders: What Happened In the Woods’ takes the audience through the horrible incident and reveals how the police reopened a cold case and brought the murderers to justice. If you are intrigued by this case and want to know where Brandon, Dayna, and Courtney are at now, we have you covered.

Who Are Brandon Hargrove, Dayna Hargrove, and Courtney Manzer?

As locals of Wahoo Bay, Oklahoma, Brandon Hargrove, his sister, Dayna, and his girlfriend, Courtney Manzer, were all familiar with Jarret Clark. On the day Jarret went missing, he had intended to camp overnight with all three as well as Anthony Wallen and Wayne Humphrey. As scheduled, Jarret met the group on May 13, 2006, and the teenagers even had some fun initially. However, it was noted on the show that many assumed Jarret was trying to flirt with Courtney, which ended up angering quite a few of them. Thus, Wallen decided to take matters into his own hands.

Wallen requested Humphrey to hold Jarret’s arms while he punched and kicked the boy savagely. When questioned subsequently, Humphrey mentioned that Wallen’s hits were so strong that he could feel the impact through his body. After beating Jarret into practically an unconscious state, Brandon, Dayna, and Courtney decided to pack his body inside their truck and travel to a neighboring lake to drop him off. Reports claim that Jarret was still alive when they hurled him into the lake but subsequently died because the water filled his lungs.

On the other hand, Jarret’s family was distraught when the teen did not return home the following day and promptly notified authorities. Although the police were fairly thorough in their search, they got no news about the missing youngster for days until his body was located floating in the neighboring lake. Unfortunately, neither the killing scene nor the campsite produced a lot of leads to the authorities, and the case stayed unsolved for years until it was revisited in 2012.

After reviewing the case, detectives learned that Jarret’s girlfriend had obtained unusual text messages from his number on the day of his disappearance. Besides, a witness also came forward and stated that she watched a truck driving up to the lakefront on the night of May 13, 2006, before hearing a splash in the water. However, the most significant breakthrough happened when a second witness reported that Courtney Manzer had confessed to the crime. Thus, sure about the group’s role in Jarret’s death, officials detained Dayna Hargrove and Courtney Manzer.

According to the episode, Brandon Hargrove never stood trial since he lost away in a car accident in 2008. On the other side, Courtney and Dayna signed a plea agreement and agreed to testify for the prosecution against Anthony Wallen. Ultimately, in 2014, Dayna Hargrove pled guilty to obstruction and was granted a two-year probated sentence.

On the other side, Courtney was convicted of conspiring to be an accessory after the fact and given a 2-year sentence followed by a five-year probation period. Although the episode claimed that Dayna and Courtney have since been freed, both women want to stay under the radar and have a limited presence on social media. Hence, their current whereabouts remain uncertain. However, we do know that Dayna Hargrove now goes by the last name Miller.

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