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Where Is Izabella From 16 and Pregnant Now? Is She Still Together With Jairo Rodriguez?

In this article, we will read about “Where Is Izabella From 16 and Pregnant Now? Is She Still Together With Jairo Rodriguez?

Izabella is forced to reevaluate who her actual friends are after concealing her pregnancy for eight months. She is a multiracial Latina who is also white.

Reviews of TV Episodes on Metacritic Izabella Izabella is the seventh episode of the third season of 16 and Pregnant, which aired on MTV on May 31, 2011.

For eight months, she kept her pregnancy a secret from all of her friends and most of her family, and her friendship with her best friend Cassidy was strained since Tovar didn’t tell her she was pregnant sooner, and Cassidy didn’t even show up to Tovar’s baby shower.

Where Is Izabella From 16 and Pregnant Now?

In September of 2010, Tovar has a son, Enrique Jairo. Jairo and Tovar have now become engaged. Izabella gave birth to her first child in the year 2014.

Izabella with Jairo on Thanksgiving 2020
Izabella with Jairo on Thanksgiving 2020 (source :

Peach is her lastest child so far and there is no further news on her pregnancy recently. On her Instagram page, she has shared her whole pregnancy story with Peach.

She has posted all her pregnancy photos on social media. With Josh, she seems happier as we can see her posts that reads, “Didn’t believe in soulmates until you. You’re my best friend, biggest supporter, and love of my life.”

“Can’t wait to bring our baby girl into this world.” While having a relationship with Jairo, people were happy for their love as how long they were able to continue the relationship.

Though they got pregnant at an early age when teens are not that mature. Their split made the people sad, however, the way they are continuing their relationship is still beautiful. 

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Is Izabella Still With Jairo?

Jairo and Izabella married on May 29, 2016. Izabella’s family is troubled by the fact that her boyfriend is not attending college to pursue a degree, and it is discovered that he did not graduate from high school and did not obtain his GED online. 

After appearing on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” in 2010, Izabella Tovar and Jairo Rodriguez became well-known. Izabella was just 14 years old when she appeared on the reality show that chronicles the pregnancies, births, and motherhood experiences of adolescent couples.

Izabella shared the heartbreaking news on social media. “Jairo and I have been separated for a few months now. We are getting divorced because our marriage did not work out “she mentioned.

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Meet Izabella Tovar New Partner 2022

Izabella Tovar’s new partner is Josh. We can see her posting photos and videos on her Instagram page. While Jairo and Izabella are co-parenting their kids in harmony, Josh seems nice to their kids as well.

Izabella having Date Night!
Izabella having Date Night! (source :

You can go through her Instagram page to have a look at her life dairies. Her account is under the username @izabella_tovar. She has 56.9K followers as of June 2022.

Jairo has also moved on and found another love of his life. He started dating Nataly while supporting his children with Izabella. It is important for them to be happy rather than being together. 

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