Where Is Priscilla Wyers Now?

Priscilla Wyers is a West Virginia native who currently resides in Charleston. She talked about taking responsibility for her acts and caused so much anguish to her family on the broadcast.

Prsicilla Wyers and Mary Elizabeth Bailey picture from the past
Prsicilla Wyers and Mary Elizabeth Bailey picture from the past

In June 1988, a jury found Priscilla guilty of first-degree murder. She was condemned to life in jail, but after ten years, she was eligible for release.

According to the show, Mary was placed in the foster care system, but she was never adopted. She continued to visit her mother in prison, and in 1998, she testified at her mother’s parole hearing.

At that point, Priscilla was liberated, and Mary took her in. On the other hand, Priscilla appeared to be reverting to her old behaviors, as Mary revealed on the show when she became pregnant again.

Priscilla was also thankful for spending time with her children after her release from prison. Mary authored a memoir titled My Mother’s Soldier about her experience with the case.

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Wayne Wyers Murder and Daughter Mary Elizabeth Bailey Story

Mary Bailey spoke on the show about growing up impoverished and how Wayne Wyers regularly mistreated her and her siblings. In the episode, Priscilla revealed that she did not date the man.

Mary testified that the household experienced a lot of violence in the months following Wayne’s murder in February 1987. Wayne’s automobile had been destroyed after Priscilla had leased it to someone she secretly dated.

After discovering his car had been destroyed, Wayne became enraged and attacked Priscilla, stabbing her in the throat with a knife. Priscilla woke Mary up later that night and escorted her to the living room, where Wayne was passed out on the chair.

Wayne Wyers murder case is discussed on the web
Wayne Wyers murder case is discussed on the web

Mary shot Wayne in the stomach since she couldn’t kill him in the head because Priscilla was persistent. On the third attempt, the pistol went off.

On the third attempt, the pistol went off. During Priscilla’s 1988 trial, Mary testified that she only shot Wayne because her mother begged her to.

Priscilla Wyers Wikipedia And Family Discussed In Dateline

When Priscilla Wyers was 15, she met Wayne Wyers, who was 16 at the time. They dated for a short time before moving on to other people and reconnecting afterward.

According to the show, Priscilla had recently given birth to Mary when she reconnected with Wayne, and the two resumed dating immediately. Chris, Melissa, and John were the couple’s three children when they married in 1987.

Along with Priscilla’s mother and Mary, the five of them lived in Adrian, West Virginia. As of now, Mary works as a nurse in addition to having her own company, Pinks Uniforms, which specializes in medical and culinary uniforms.

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