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Who Is Aulia Salsa Marpaung On Tiktok? Her Real Name and Biodata, How Old Is She?

TikTok user named Aulia Salsa Marpaung is currently in the limelight after her recent video went viral on social media. Here’s what we know about her biodata and more.. . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

Who Is Aulia Salsa Marpaung On Tiktok? 

The current age of Aulia Salsa Marpaung is missing from the web, but exploring her clips, we can speculate it to be around 20 to 30. Besides, her real name is Aulia Salsa Marpaung, and she is famous as @ibukos92 on TikTok.

Marpaung might be engaged in some job, but her profession’s details remain under review as there is very little info about her life. 

Aulia Salsa Marpaung Age and Real Name

Aulia Salsa Marpaung is a TikToker getting backlashes for her recent videos on TikTok. It is reported that Marpaung shows off some of her body parts through TikTok videos. She is gradually getting more followers on her profile, and one of the most viewed videos has gained over 23k views at the time of this writing.

People are criticizing her as she infrequently uses the hijab with loose clothes. She has made multiple videos in the same way, which social media users thinks is inappropriate. Some of them also say that she is disrespecting the Islamic religion as for Islamic women who choose to wear the hijab, it permits them to keep their modesty, morals, and freedom of choice.

However, she is still making videos, and we can find her under the username @ibukos92. Marpaung has gathered over 1k followers, and they are rising slowly.

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Not much is known about her personal and professional life, as she just rose to fame for sharing various adult content on TikTok. Now, many users have created multiple accounts under the name of Marpaung.

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Aulia Salsa Marpaung appears to be from Indonesia. She has recently created an account on TikTok, her backup account, as her accurate profile seems to be banned. 

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