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Who Is David Grr? NZ Influencer Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges

In this article, we will read about “Who Is David Grr? NZ Influencer Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges

A well-known male social media influencer, David Grr, from New Zealand, has been on trial on the counts of sexual violation and blackmail in the High Court at Auckland.

The man was accused of preying on two teenage boys, performing sexual acts on them while they were asleep or unconscious. It took the 11-person panel nearly five hours of long discussion to reach the split verdict.

The verdict came after three weeks of testimony in the High Court at Auckland. Moreover, as the verdict was read, the influencer’s accusers were not present in the courtroom.

Meet NZ Influencer David Grr: Age And Wikipedia

David Grr is a popular social media influencer from New Zealand was arrested on sexual assault charges. However, the man denied sexual offending against two teens and was on trial in the High Court at Auckland.

The influencer accused of sexually assaulting two teenage boys confessed his love to one of them and stated the pair were in a relationship, a court has heard in a previous trial.

According to the statement of the influencer’s first accuser, he first met him in 2015, when he was 16, and the defendant was in his late 20s.

The defendant was convicted on five counts of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection in a split decision. However, the jury acquitted the influencer of one count of sexual violation, three counts of blackmail, alog with two counts of aggravated wounding by stupefaction.

Testifying earlier this week, the man explained the now-adult witness as a liar and a “tease” who was using him to get further. He also stated that the accuser had been exploring his sexuality at the time and would give mixed messages.

The influencer denied having spiked the teen’s drinks twice. He further denied blackmailing the teen by threatening to destroy their image. He added, that all the sexual acts between the two of them were consensual.

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New Zealand Influencer David Grr Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges

New Zealand social media influencer has been found guilty by a high court jury in Auckland, a city on the North Island, of sexual offenses against two men last week.

The two victims were teenagers at the time of the offending, while the defendant was in his 20s. Further, the interim name impression for the man remains in place until sentencing.

The defendant’s first accuser told police and jurors that he first met the influencer in 2015 when he was just 16, trying to make headway in the same field as the defendant was in his late 20s.

A male social media influencer has been found guilty of sexual offences by a high court jury in Auckland.
A male social media influencer has been found guilty of sexual offences by a high court jury in Auckland. (source :

Gradually, the two became close friends, and their social messages showed they were even flirtatious at times. Nevertheless, the teen clearly stated to the defendant that he wasn’t gau and didn’t want anything other than friendship.

The second accuser stated that he was 18 when he twice woke up in the defendant’s bed after nights of heavy drinking to find the defendant performing a sexual act on him. 

Like the other accuser, he also found some flirtatious behaviors with the defendant, cleared he wasn’t gay, and insisted he never gave consent for any sexual acts.

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What Happened To Influencer David Grr?

Reportedly, this was the second time the influencer had to face court. His earlier trial was canceled following a nationwide Covid pandemic. Initially, the defendant faced a different jury last August for the same charges.

Justice Rebecca Edwards remanded the influencer in custody to await sentencing coming month. She added that allowing him to remain on bail would not be in the best interest of justice after prosecutors noted he is likely to receive a lengthy prison term.

As the guard led the defendant away, he waved to his parents, who were sitting in the front row of the courtroom gallery. The trial has been the second in less than a year for the man.

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Net Worth Of David Grr -How Much?

Being a well-known social media influencer David Grr must have earned a decent net worth over the years through different social platforms. However, the actual earnings of the influencer are still under review.

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