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Who is Dev Ayesa, His Role in For All Mankind?

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Who is Dev Ayesa, and what role does he play in For All Mankind?

The third season of ‘For All Mankind’ follows humanity as it shifts its attention to settling on Mars. At NASA, Margo and Molly get into a fight about who will be in charge of the Mars trip, while the Soviet Union moves ahead in the competition by announcing their own Mars project and the commander who will lead it. On the other hand, the second episode is the one that gives viewers their first look at the grand ambitions that Dev Ayesa has, which, as the season goes, will prove to be game-changing. Therefore, viewers must be interested in gaining further knowledge about Ayesa and the goals he has set for himself. If that is the case, then let us discuss everything that we have learned about the subject!

Who  is this Dev Ayesa?

The episode “Polaris,” which kicks off the third season of “For All Mankind,” marks David Ayesa’s first appearance on the show. The audience has their first glance of Ayesa, who is an entrepreneur, in the opening montage that bridges the decade between the conclusion of the second season and the beginning of the third season. It is discovered through the montage that Ayesa was the founder of the aeronautical business Helios. Ayesa and his business partner Richard Hilliard made a significant discovery in the field of nuclear fission, which accelerated people’s efforts to colonize Mars and improved their chances of doing so. Ayesa is given a more important part in the second episode, and the audience is given information regarding his employment at Helios.

The character of David Ayesa is portrayed by the actor Edi Gathegi in the series. In the year 2006, Gathegi made his acting debut with a supporting role in the motion picture ‘Crank,’ which was an action-drama. It is possible that the actor’s role as Matias Solomon in ‘The Blacklist’ is what brought him the most fame. It’s possible that some viewers will recognize the actor from his role as Laurent, the vampire, in the ‘Twilight’ film series. The audience would be reminded of the businessman Elon Musk when they see Ayesa’s figure because he was a pioneer in the privatization of space research.

Why Does Dev Ayesa Buy Polaris?

A meeting between David Ayesa and Karen Baldwin takes place in the second episode of the third season and is titled “Game Changer.” In this episode, David Ayesa presents Karen Baldwin with an intriguing proposition. Ayesa makes Karen an offer to purchase Polaris and provides a hefty price estimate for the acquisition of the space tourism enterprise. Sam Cleveland, the hotel’s founder and proprietor, is killed in the premiere episode of the third season when an accident occurs at the Polaris orbiting hotel. The incident generates a significant amount of buzz in the media, and as a result, Polaris’s reputation takes a hit. As a result, it comes as something of a shock that Ayesa wants to purchase Polaris.

On the other hand, Ayesa lets Karen in on his plan and tells her that he intends to undertake a privately sponsored journey to Mars through his business Helios. Ayesa reveals that his business has developed engines that run on methane and that these engines, when paired with Polaris’ spaceship, could assist them in traveling to Mars. In addition, it would assist Ayesa in landing on Mars two years earlier than the United States or the Soviet Union.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that Ayesa’s intentions depend heavily on Polaris. Karen is successful in her attempt to sell Polaris to Ayesa, and she even assists the businesswoman in hiring Ed Baldwin to serve as the Mission Commander. At the very end, Ayesa confesses his plans to the whole public and tells everyone about his goals to settle on Mars. The acquisition of Polaris by Ayesa speeds up the execution of his plans and introduces a new dynamic into the competition to arrive on Mars. On the other hand, it is not yet certain whether or not Ayesa will be successful in his endeavor.

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