Who Is Dr. Chan Herng Nieng? Ms Serene Tiong sues ex-lover for prescribing ‘addictive’ pills

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Who Is Dr. Chan Herng Nieng? Ms. Serene Tiong sues ex-lover for prescribing ‘addictive’ pills: Dr. Chan is dealing with some critical allegations levied through his so-called girlfriend named Ms. Serene Tiong. A criminal suitcase goes on in the district court docket. Chan’s girlfriend is endeavoring to sue him with criminal movements as she alleged to Dr. Chan that he freely prescribed extremely addictive medications to her. According to the physician’s girlfriend, he put her on extremely addictive medications which he prescribed to her for anxiousness however he did not sign up her as his affected person. Meanwhile, she has taken this topic to the court docket and now making an attempt to sue him. However, this topic additionally has picked velocity to unfold on the social media platforms as speedy imaginable. Likewise, other folks have began scrounging news columns to be told about the topic in element. If you are additionally searching for the similar information you then must learn this column until the finish and practice each segment of it. Follow More Update On

Who Is Dr. Chan Herng Nieng?

Dr. Chan’s ex-girlfriend claimed that she had turn into addicted to his prescribed medications which he gave her through pronouncing it antidepressant medication. According to her, Dr. Chan gave her Xanan medication which is claimed to be extremely addictive with serious unintended effects like aggression and drowsiness. She accused Dr. Chan Herng Nieng of giving her medications with out making sure her that she may get addicted to the ones pills. Keep following the article to be told about Tiong and Chan’s relationship.

Dr. Chan Herng Nieng Biography

As consistent with the sources, Dr. Chan’s girlfriend is 43 years of age and the physician is 47 years of age at this level time. The trial was scheduled for April 19, 2022, Tuesday in which she claimed that she suffered unspecified damages from him. The legal professional of Dr. Chan’s girlfriend mentioned in court docket that his shopper was more inclined as she was in a relationship with the physician and she believed him blindly. Moreover, the legal professional additionally claimed that Ms. Tiong additionally sustained an emotional and impressive psychological breakdown when she sooner or later got here throughout the WhatsApp chat of Dr. Chan with his pal named Julian Ong who’s a surgeon. What was in the chat? To know this have a look at the subsequent segment.

Dr. Chan Herng Nieng: Age, Family, Wife

According to Ms. Tiong’s legal professional, Dr. Chan had a dialog with his surgeon pal in which the two buddies boasted about Dr. Chan’s sexual relationship with Ms. Tiong. While to counter the allegation Dr. Chan’s legal professional named Ms. Rebecca Chew denied all the allegations with counter replies. More updates will be shared after the subsequent listening to.

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