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Who Is Duane Heard From Spartanburg SC? Suspect Who Shot An Officer

In this article, we will read about “Who Is Duane Heard From Spartanburg SC? Suspect Who Shot An Officer

The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office has addressed that Duane Heard, a suspect allegedly shot at a deputy on service. Both, the deputy and suspect were shot during an officer-involved shooting.

Spartanburg has found itself in an active shooting between the suspect and the police officers. On Anderson Mill Road and Highway 290, the incident happened which caused fear in the locality.

The officials have started their investigation and have participated in press conferences. Everybody is expressing their concerns about the incident, and the same nature in the future.

The USA has been one of the active places for massive shootings, and Spartanburg is the epicenter this time. Let’s find out the details about the incident.

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Who Is Duane Heard From Spartanburg SC?

Duane Heard is a suspect from Spartanburg SC, who allegedly shot a deputy on duty involved in gunfire along with other officers.

The shooter, Duane is a criminal suspect under an undisclosed charge. The police department has not released many details about the suspect at the moment.

The neighbors were the first ones to report the suspect. They described the suspect, his vehicle, and his direction of travel. After the tip from the neighbors, officers were searching him at the provided address.

However, a deputy found the location of the suspect in Anderson Mill Road toward S.C. Highway 290 and attempted an immediate traffic stop. 

A large police presence was in place at 4214 Chaffee Road near the Oak Forest Subdivision Tuesday afternoon. Everybody was closely monitoring the situation and ensuring the full safety of the citizens. 

Suspect In Officer Shooting Duane Heard Arrested: What Happened?

After the suspect was found traveling down Anderson Mill Road, the police officer arrested him only after chaos.

While he was spotted, a deputy tried to make an emergency traffic stop. Duane, the prime suspect even acted like he was going to hand over him to the deputy.

However, Duane fired the first shot at the deputy trying to stop him. The news was passed on to the Sherrif Office after responding to a call on Tuesday afternoon by the deputy.

The suspect after shooting the deputy wrecked his vehicle near the Keurig Dr. Pepper plant and ran into the woods. SWAT agents and K-9 were deployed in the woods.

The suspect was retrieved from the woods successfully. None of the deputies at the second and third scenes were injured. 

At the press conference by the county police department, the suspended Duane Heard was shot twice but is expected to live. Similarly, the deputy is also under treatment and is recovering.

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Duane Heard Family Details

The prime suspect, Duane Heard is keeping his family details away from the eye of the media and press. 

Most of his details could not be retrieved from the internet. His parents are believed to be living life away from their son through bad media. They must be heartbroken at the moment.

A Deputy Officer Is Shot By A Prime Suspect, Duane Heard
A Deputy Officer Is Shot By A Prime Suspect, Duane Heard (source :

Duane was found in the woods with a rifle beside him. The social sites are going crazy raising their concerns. Duane, who does not use Facebook is criticized on the platform for his recent shooting decision.

The suspect of undisclosed age, Duane is currently in jail time and soon he may face his trial in court. 

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