Who Is Earl Johnson Jr? Killer Arrested After Brutal Murder Of Baton Rouge Woman Janice David On Facebook Live

Earl Johnson Jr. has been taken into custody by way of the police for the alleged homicide of Janice David on a are living Facebook move. This grotesque homicide surprised everybody and got here at the finish of an alleged drug binge between them.. . Follow us for more superstar & leisure updates.

Who Is Earl Johnson Jr?

Earl Johnson Jr is a man who has been arrested by way of the police below the homicide fees of Janice. His age has been reported to be 35 years old, and the incident happened in Louisiana.

Earl Victim Janice David And Murder Charges

Let’s in finding out more about this odd homicide, which was performed are living on social media.

In fresh instances, with the building of era, other folks have began to use the web in the maximum strange method imaginable. Some other folks are the use of it to broadcast their suicide, homicide, and other kinds of crimes.

Janice’s merciless abuse and homicide have been performed in the Facebook move. Some other folks witnessed this horrific in real-time via the are living move. The police investigation turns out to be in the final level as of now.

It has been reported by way of The New York Post that Earl has admitted to committing homicide, so it may well be anticipated that he’ll quickly be introduced to the court docket, and his punishment will be outlined as according to the court docket hearings.

Earl has been reported to be a drug person, and it has been suspected that he and the sufferer have been in combination for a couple of days having medication in combination. Thus, the battle can have its roots in the drug factor.

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Earl has been accused of murdering Janice David and he has authorised of committing her homicide. There is far proof that might lead to homicide simply.

The homicide was dedicated are living on Facebook, so there may be video photos. So a long way, there’s no solution referring to the reason why at the back of the homicide. It can be anticipated that the solution will come ahead quickly.

It has been reported that he has been charged with the first level of homicide. As according to various experiences, Janice’s hand was tied and brutally bitten earlier than she was stabbed to demise.

Videos are floating round the web of Janice’s are living move that led to the homicide. However, it appears to be like like Facebook has got rid of the video as a result of of its graphic content material.

People are questioning about the reason why at the back of the battle between them which led to her homicide in one of these grotesque homicide. The Facebook consultation final for just about about quarter-hour.

The police investigation goes on, so more information can be anticipated quickly. This case has attracted many eyes as a result of of its inhumane nature of it.

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