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Who Is Gawr Gura? Has Gawr Gura Revealed Her Face?

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Who Is Gawr Gura? Has Gawr Gura Revealed Her Face?

Gawr Gura is a renowned virtual YouTuber linked with Hololive English. Along with Mori Calliope, Watson Amelia, and Takanashi Kiara, she made her debut as a member of Hololive English – Myth.

Gura, who debuted on September 13, 2020, has already surpassed pioneer Kiauna Al as the most subscribed VTuber in the world, taking the top spot in 2021. As of June 2022, the Virtual YouTuber has over 4 million YouTube subscribers.

Gawr Gura, a virtual YouTuber, has revealed his face.

Gawr Gura’s true identity is still unknown to her fans. The face of the female digital figure, who may be managed in real life by both a female and a male, has yet to be revealed.

As of now, the reveal of her face remains a suspense for all of her fans and followers. Her viewers are most likely enthralled by who she is and how she is presented.

Gura’s face, on the other hand, is something that her followers have yet to see, and it is being kept hidden for the time being. Her audience are often wowed by her warm and approachable personality.

Her listeners are amused by her bumbling actions. She also has no sense of direction and frequently misspells and mispronounces words. Gura also has trouble remembering her own age and has a hard time doing simple math questions.

Who is Gawr Gura, and what is her story?

Gawr Gura is a well-known virtual YouTuber who claims to have come to Earth from a mystery island. She has a slim figure, with a noticeable waist, and is recognized for being short, standing at roughly 141 cm.

The VTuber has magnificent bright blue pupils, shark-like sharp teeth, and baby blue, white, and azure blue hair. She appears with a hood that resembles a shark’s head.

Gura’s waist is adorned with a shark mouth, and the hoodie has a zipper. She’s wearing a pair of blue and white sneakers with black shoelaces and grey velcro patches on the front and black soles.

Gura is a quick-witted and astute character that is well-versed in Shark Facts. Gura’s ability to master fast-paced rhythm games is apparent. Gura is a high-achieving woman who occasionally makes dirty jokes and is well-versed in meme culture.

Gawr Gura’s Real Name And Age

Even when speaking in English, Gawr Gura, a digital YouTuber from Japan, uses her surname first (Japanese way). She is the only member of holoMyth whose name is written fully in hiragana. Gura’s real name, on the other hand, is unknown.

Gura, as previously stated, has problems recalling her own age. She is almost 9,000 years old, and she lost track of her age somewhere around the 5,000s. When asked her age, Gura responds with a random number in the 9,000s.

Gura gave her ages as 4,2,95, 9,485, and 9,495, respectively, on October 13, 2020. Gura put “99” as her age in a Ring Fit Stream because it only accepts two digits. In her first birthday webcast on June 20, 2021, the VTuber had a birthday card wishing the 9,485th birthday.

How much is Gawr Gura’s net worth?

Gawr Gura’s net worth is estimated to be at $1 million (approx). She is the most subscribed English-speaking Hololive VTuber, implying that she is making a fair living from YouTube.

Advertisements that run on her live feeds and videos are how the VTuber makes money. Gura receives approximately 10 million monthly views, and her monthly earnings are estimated to be between $20,000 and $25,000.

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