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Who Is Jack Posobiec? Why Was He Detained In Davos? Charges and Mugshots

Conservative Journalist Jack Posobiec was arrested by police while covering the annual World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland.. . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

OANN: Who Is Jack Posobiec? 

He has spread false information, such as the bogus Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which claimed that high-ranking Democratic Party leaders were involved in a child sex ring.

Posobiec, a Trump fan, has been found to have collaborated with white supremacists, neo-fascists, and antisemites for years, producing disinformation that Trump and his inner circle have publicly praised.

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Jack Posobiec Was Detained In Davos

Jack Posobi host on the One America News Network (OANN), a news organization known for manipulating facts and praised by President Trump.

In May 2021, he left OANN to present a show for the Republican student organization Turning Point USA and to work as a senior editor for the conservative news site Human Events.

In order to damage his opponents, he has regularly made false and defamatory charges against them.

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Journalist Jack Posobiec and his film team were arrested while covering the World Economic Forum’s Davos Summit.

Posobiec and his colleagues were arrested without explanation, though he later told The Post Millennial that they were informed they were suspicious since they were filming at the entry.

Jack alleges he handed over his passports and press identification to police an hour prior.

Authorities questioned Posobiec about Turning Point USA and why they were in Davos, he said on the Charlie Kirk Show.

According to him, authorities wanted the recording and attempted to separate him from his colleagues.

In any of the footage published online so far, Posobiec was not handcuffed or arrested, and he was not put into any physical detention.

Shortly after the incident was reported online, he changed his Twitter handle to “WEF Detainee Poso.”

Several videos were published on social media showing Swiss police encircling Posobiec as he ate at the Migros Restaurant with several other people, as seen in recordings released by both Posobiec and Benny Johnson.

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