Who is Kristy Sellars? Meet pole dancer who won AGT in Australia

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Kristy Sellars is a pole dancer and entrepreneur who had previously won AGT (Australia’s Got Talent) in 2019. In the latest audition round of the American version of AGT, the dancer will be seen enthralling the audience once again with her swift moves.

The new episode of season 17 will air on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET. on NBC. Kristy Sellars is one of the new contestants who will compete on the show to win the ultimate $1 million prize.

All about AGT contestant Kristy Sellars who racked up 48 million views on Facebook

The Ballarat-based mum and pole dance aficionado Kristy Sellars is an entrepreneur and mom to three kids – Rylie, Mason, and Ollie. She also owns franchises of 17 PhysiPole studios across Australia, including nine in Victoria, five in Queensland, two in the ACT/NSW, and one in South Australia, among others.

Before appearing in the American talent competition, the dancer participated in Australia’s Got Talent and won the show due to her artistry as a storyteller, which was also paired with incredibly illustrated projections by Ryan Talbot, a 22-year-old visual artist. She won the show just six months after giving birth to her third child.

Her performances in the Australian version of the competition have been viewed a combined 48 million times on Facebook.

She spent more than 12 hours a day in the studio practicing her moves for nine days between the semi-final and the grand final. Speaking about her practice regime, she told The Courier in 2019:

“The pressure of having to make the biggest, best show in the shortest amount of time… was huge. Mentally, even after those 12 hours of training each day, it was so draining in every aspect.”

After her grand finale performance on Australia’s Got Talent to Unsteady by X Ambassadors, she left the judges stunned with her act and left them in tears. After her performance, Nicole Scherzinger complimented Sellars by saying:

“You bring power, and depth, and meaning to pole dancing.”

She also competed in Fantasy AGT: Battle of the Champions but did not make it past the semi-finals. She has even won several pole dancing competitions in her career, including Pole Art Championship at Hong Kong’s International Pole Championships.

Kristy Sellars and pole dancing

When Kristy Sellars started pole dancing, the art was not welcomed with open arms. There was a lot of stigma attached to it. However, when she took the art form to the national stage, it opened “people’s eyes to the possibility of what can be done” with a steel pole.

Speaking about the reception that pole dancing received post her show, she said:

“We’ve got people messaging us directly and saying, ‘I just saw this on TV and now I want to do it.’”

For Sellars, pole dancing is “the best workout” and a “fun way to get fit.” She also believes that pole dancing helps build confidence, among other qualities. Speaking about the benefits of pole dancing, she said:

“The transformations we see at the studios – not just physical but mental transformations – are incredible.”

Tune in on Tuesday to watch Sellars’ incredible act on the American version of AGT on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.

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