Collier Landry Mother Noreen Boyle

The then 12-year-old boy Collier Landry’s mother Noreen Boyle was brutally murdered by his own father Dr. John “Jack “Boyle in the late 80s i.e., on the 31st of December 1989.

His father buried her body reportedly in a crypt underneath the basement of their new house. Noreen’s body wasn’t discovered until January 1990 and became the crime that spawned a ‘Forensic Files’ episode back in 2000.

Noreen Schmid Boyle was murderd by her husband John in 1989
Noreen Schmid Boyle was murderd by her husband John in 1989 (source :

Just before the clock struck 1990, Collier heard two loud thuds coming from her bedroom while he was in bed at the Mansfield house. Jack told Collier that she had taken off on a trip.

Collier’s podcast ‘Moving Past Murder’ serves as a type of therapy and reconciliation for those who have been through deception, betrayal, and dark trial as unveiled by Noreen’s son on his YouTube channel.

After keeping his heart out on the podcast about the incident hundreds of people reached Collier on his social networking platforms. He found that many people out there are mistreated by friends or family.

He was overwhelmed receiving such a response and was happy that he connected with the many. The death of Noreen set off a chain of events for him including near-orphanhood and permanent separation from his baby sister.

Boyle’s son Collier reportedly resides 2000 miles away from his old hometown. He serves as a freelance cinematographer who’s worked on various TV shows such as “Badland Wives”, “Every Other Weekend”, and more.

Noreen with her son Collier Landry
Noreen with her son Collier Landry (source :

The tragic incident plays a huge role in Collier’s psyche though he doesn’t let it define him. He legally changed his last name from Boyle to Landry for quite some time now.

Noreen’s 12-year-old son enjoyed a comfortable life like a normal family attending a private school with 12 students in a class. She served as a dental hygienist while supporting her husband John in medical school.

44-year-old Collier took to his Instagram on the 29th of September 2021 to update his feed with a post on his late mother’s birthday. She would’ve celebrated her 77th birthday this year if she had been alive.

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Noreen Boyle Murder By John Jack Boyle

Noreen Schmid Boyle was murdered by her husband John “Jack” Boyle on December 31, 1989. Her dead body was reportedly buried beneath the basement of the couple’s new house.

She came from a working-class background in Philadelphia. Boyle was a person full of life and made one comfortable even in the very first meeting, disclosed her son Collier. 

Noreen's son Collier says hating his father won't change anything
Noreen’s son Collier says hating his father won’t change anything (source :

Her husband Jack called their son Collier fat and allegedly cheated on her as well. In the concrete, Noreen, 44, had told John, 26, she wanted to separate by the time the winter of 1989 had rolled around.

Jack persuaded her to give their relationship another try by starting over in a huge house he purchased in Erie, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, he had been plotting to get rid of her.

He had been making plans to get rid of Noreen so, he could marry his pregnant then 26-year-old mistress, Sherri Campbell. It appears Jack was planning to keep Sherri at the Erie residence after getting rid of Noreen.

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A Murder In Mansfield: Noreen Boyle Documentary

Noreen Boyle’s documentary “A Murder In Mansfield” was directed by two-time Academy award-winner director Barbara Kopple. Collier visited the hometown 26 years after testifying against his father John in the murder of his mother.

The documentary was released on the 12th of November 2017 that showcased the murder of a slender woman who breathed her last of blunt force trauma and suffocation after burying underneath the basement.

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