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Who Is Samirah Muzaffar? Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan Wife Who Was Accused Of Murder Is Freed

In this article, we will read about “Who Is Samirah Muzaffar? Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan Wife Who Was Accused Of Murder Is Freed

Know about Samirah Muzaffar’s biodata and other details as the woman along with her two teens are freed from the murder charge.

Samirah Muzaffar was charged and detained alongside her two teens for the murder of her husband, Nazrin Hassan.

The incident dates back to 2018 when the late CEO of Cradle Fund died in a fire that took place in his bedroom.

Upon the initial checking, the reports stated that the mobile phone exploded causing the fire to take place and spread accordingly.

However, on the next examination, the forensic report mentioned the presence of gasoline stains on his body, ned, and mobile phone.

As the investigation progressed further, Hassan’s wife, Samirah, two teens and an Indonesian maid were arrested as the alleged culprits as they were present in the place at the time of the fire.

Further allegation that the woman didn’t alert the fire department and was not seen sad on the death of her spouse was also placed on Samairah.

But after more than two years-long court trials, the judge set the woman and the two steens free to the lack of sufficient evidence.

Samirah Muzaffar Biodata: Who Is Nazrin Hassan Wife?

Samirah Muzaffar is a Malaysian businesswoman and executive who is known as the ex-wife of Nazrin Hassan.

Nazrin Hassan and Samirah Muzzaffar
Nazrin Hassan and Samirah Muzzaffar (source :

Her business is active in Malaysia and the lady is still active as a reputed entrepreneur.

However, the details of her position and other professional career journey are not well described on the internet sources.

Hassan and Samirah tied the knot when the lady was still working as a senior executive at the Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation.

Throughout their time as a married couple, they welcomed one child and had four other children from their previous marriages.

Where Is Samirah Muzaffar Today?

Samirah Muzaffar is free in Malaysia along with the teens after the court relayed a verdict of not guilty to the alleged.

She was under constant investigative procedures and methods over the past few years after the death of Nazrin.

Many witnesses were called and present during the trial but none of the said things was able to impress the deciders as a solid fact.

As a result, Samirah was released and is probably in her residence, with her supporters, after coming out of confinement and legal procedures.

Cradle Find CEO Nazrin Hassan Death: What Happened?

The former Cradle Fund CEO, Nazrin Hassan, died due to a fire at his home on June 14, 2018.

As previously mentioned, the reason for the fire was deemed to be an exploded mobile phone in the beginning.

Samirah pictured while attending the trial
Samirah pictured while attending the trial (source :

However, another autopsy conducted around four months later indicated other facts that hinted that the man was actually murdered.

The later discovered facts included the presence of some blunt force on his head and indications that the fire was caused to cover the killing.

Similarly, gasoline stains on the man, bed, and phone as well as irregular fire marks inside the place also indicated that something was not right.

On top of that, the fact that Nazrin’s room was locked from the outside further fueled the suspicion of murder.

However, the court didn’t find concrete evidence of someone’s involvement and thus discharged the thought offenders.

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