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Who is Santi Millan? Spanish actor reacts to intimate video being leaked

In this article, we will read about “Who is Santi Millan? Spanish actor reacts to intimate video being leaked

Because a private video got out, the public is now paying close attention to the Spanish star Santi Millan. The video showed an intimate clip of him, and people have made guesses about what this could mean.

Santi Millan responds to news of the leaked video?

The video, which was released to the public on June 19, has caused a lot of trouble because it has been said that the woman in the video is not his wife. In a short amount of time, the clip also spread quickly on social media.

But when the article came out, it wasn’t clear how the private video got on social media.

Leaking private information is against the law, and the person who does it could go to jail for three months to a year.

Santi Millan has said what he thinks about the situation, and he is very upset about what is going on. The star wouldn’t say anything about the video, but he did say that leaking personal information is wrong and that it’s against the law.

“I am not going to say anything. I don’t want to tell you how to handle things, but I do want to tell you that a crime has been done.”

Santi Millan also said in his short speech that he didn’t know how the law worked and didn’t want to talk about the situation any more.

Rosa Olucha, who is married to Santi Milan, also had something to say. She went to her Instagram story, where he shared several photos, and said something. She let people know that her spouse had been hurt.

Olucha told her fans that she was doing fine, but that they should be worried about her husband. She also said that Millan was the one who had his privacy broken.

Olucha thought the same way as her husband. She told her Instagram followers that Millan’s privacy had been broken, which meant that the person who did it had broken the law.

Everything you need to know about Santi Millan, the entertainer

Santi Millan is a well-known name in the Spanish movie business. He was born in September 1968, and he went to Barcelona to study at the Colegio del Teatro.

By 1989, Millan was a member of La Cubana, a Spanish theater group. He was in the theater group for ten years and got a part on La Costa Nostra in 1999. In the TV show Periodistas, he played the role of Pep in 2002.

Millan has also worked on TV shows like “La ltima Noche,” “Siete Vidas,” “Una Otra Cosa,” and “Divinos,” which was only on for two episodes before it was canceled. He has worked in movies like Amor Idiota, De qui si, and Vivancos 3.

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In 2015, Santi Millan got the job of hosting Got Talent in Spain, and he has done a great job ever since. He keeps working as an actor in movies now and then, and he also keeps his job as an anchor on TV.

Millan got married to TV producer and actress Rosa Olucha in 2009. They have two kids together, Rut and Marc.

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