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Who is the woman in the videos by De Goey Bali?

In this article, we will read about “Who is the woman in the videos by De Goey Bali?

Jordan De Goey Bali Wiki, Biography, Age, GirlFriend, Net Worth

Jordan De Goey, an Australian football player who exclusively represents Collingwood, is featured in a popular Bali video. In the Yarra Junior Football League, Jordan De Goey played youth football for Ashburton United Junior Football Club.

In the Jordan De Goey Bali video, who is the mysterious woman?

Collingwood star Jordan De Goey was photographed partying in Bali and making lewd gestures with an unknown woman during a mid-season vacation.

Uncertainty surrounds the identity of the mysterious woman in Jordan De Goey’s popular Bali video.

On Friday, video of De Goey performing a se*xual act while dancing and making obscene tongue motions to the camera surfaced on social media.

In another scene, a woman is lying on a bar, and De Goey appears to try to expose her breast, but the woman pushes him away.

Collingwood is aware of the video, but hasn’t commented, according to the Herald Sun.

Jordan De Goey and His Ex-Girlfriend

Jordan’s alleged girlfriend is Hannah. We are unsure, though, if Jordan and Hannah have already broken up.

Hannah’s last name is kept a secret in the media. Only her first name has been made available to us.

Jordan and his girlfriend Hannah, according to the Daily Mail, went to a Salvation Army inner-city cafe to talk through his issues at the time.

Jordan and Hannah have been seeing each other for a while. It’s unclear, though, how or when the two first connected.

Jordan De Goey controversy

Jordan De Goey broke his hand in a St. Kilda bar during the 2017 campaign, but he told the team a lie, saying he had hurt it playing with his dog.

He received a $5,000 fine, three-match suspension, and ten weeks of community service after admitting to lying.

After being found driving while intoxicated, Jordan was suspended by Collingwood in February 2018.

De Goey was charged with as*saulting a 37-year-old woman and forcibly groping a 35-year-old woman after being apprehended in a New York City nightclub in October 2021.

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