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Who Is Theodore Barrett? His Age, Family And Net Worth

In this article, we will read about “Who Is Theodore Barrett? His Age, Family And Net Worth

Who Is Theodore Barrett?

Theodore Barrett posing as a Deputy Press Secretary probably created confusion for people. Especially to those unaware of what the publication The Onion is all about.

Deputy Press Secretary Theodore Barrett Wife Accident Update

A video from 2008 where Whitehouse Deputy Press Secretary Theodore Barrett is holding a conference just hours after his wife’s death. He directly jumps to talk about the agendas without showing remorse for his wife’s death. 

When asked about his children, he says they were in the hospital where one of them is in a coma, and another is dead. When the journalists ask him if he needs help or someone to talk to, he responds with a stern face that he cannot keep on weeping as he had pledged his time to the nation. 

He added he had work to do, and so did the reporters who were in the room and asked others to continue with their agendas. But worried reporters try to talk to him about his spouse’s death, to which he keeps trying to keep the answer short and evade the question. 

Many people believed that it was a real story. While the content may look very rude, it is a satirical news piece created by The Onion. The person in the video is one of the actors of the media house.

Where Is Theodore Barrett Today?

The 2008 video is still circulating online. The people today are curious about Theodore Barrett. However, the actor’s real name and identity are not disclosed yet. 

And Theodore does not exist in real too; thus, his whereabouts cannot be known. 

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