Who Was Yvette Mooney From Channel 7?

Yvette Mooney was the weekend news anchor from Channel 7. However, in 2007, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and departed the network in June 2008.

She used to present Today Tonight for the Western Australi edition. But, she resigned from the show in 1997 and was replaced by Monika Kos. The show continued until it was canceled in 2019. 

Yvette Mooney Was A Presenter In Today Tonight.
Yvette Mooney Was A Presenter In Today Tonight.

Likewise, not many details are available about her academic or personal life. And, since she left the channel, her health update has not been publicized either. 

The last time the channel said she was doing well and would spend time with her family was in 2008, during her departure. After that, there has been no news about her. 

Did Yvette Mooney Death Happen From Cancer?

The rumors of Yvette Mooney’s death from cancer circulate on the internet. However, there has been no official news about it yet.

She had left channel seven after a breast cancer diagnosis. She was a Perth’s weekend newsreader who announced her departure from the network after nearly two decades in 2008. 

Fans Wonder If Yvette Mooney Death News Is True. Source: @loppaboy/ twitter
Fans Wonder If Yvette Mooney Death News Is True. Source: @loppaboy/ twitter

Lesley Bradford, the News Unit Manager, revealed her departure and even had said that she decided to leave after more than a year of taking an extended sick leave to recover from surgery.

At that time, Paula Voce and reporter Reece Whitby temporarily replaced her. But before returning to work, she announced she would leave the organization.

Her news unit manager also said she was spending more time with her family and doing well. However, after that, there were no further updates about her health, and now everyone is talking about her demise on social media. 

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Did Yvette Mooney Family Pay Tribute?

Yvette Mooney’s family has not paid any tribute to her yet. They have not even addressed the ongoing words about her demise. 

Since there has been no official statement, we cannot know if it is a hoax or real news.