Who will win between Queen Maeve & Wonder Woman (and why it is Diana)?

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Queen Maeve from The Boys has been getting even more famous after she had some significant implications on the plot of the latest season. Portrayed by Dominique McElligott in the show, Maeve quickly became a fan favorite as she showed lots of sympathy for other people compared to her teammates. That’s what made her stand out the most.

Queen Maeve is very much a parody of Wonder Woman. The Boys is known to riff on superheroes from other properties, like how Soldier Boy is a parody of Captain America or Homelander is a parody of Superman. This very much creates the conversation around the power level of both these characters.

So, let’s compare Queen Maeve’s powers with Wonder Woman and see who would win.

Queen Maeve and Wonder Woman’s powers compared

Two of pop culture’s most iconic female superheroes, Queen Maeve and Wonder Woman, are pretty similar in their powers and how they are presented in their respective properties.

Queen Maeve

Starting with Queen Maeve, her character has quite a dark story (although no one in The Boys has a stable life). She is a secondary antagonist in the comics and the show who eventually becomes an anti-hero.

Maeve is a massive part of the series, and her disdain for Homelander is what makes her so interesting.

She has superhuman strength, flight, and durability and is quite advanced in combat. However, her show counterpart is never shown to fly. As a matter of fact, she is held in the sky by Homelander during one of the scenes.

Maeve also gets killed off in the comics while trying to protect Starlight, as Homelander and Black Noir defeat her. She can still put up a good fight if she unleashes her powers.

Wonder Woman

Diana Prince’s story is unlike any. The daughter of Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons, and Zeus, the mightiest God of Olympus, Diana has always been one of pop culture’s most popular superheroes.

Being a literal daughter of Zeus, Diana is one of the most powerful superheroes in comic books. She leaves Themiscyra because she wants to champion Amazons and fight for peace and justice in Man’s world.

A founding member of the Justice League as well, Diana has fought alongside the likes of Batman, Superman, and more.

Being one of the most powerful heroes in the DC universe, Diana has your basic powers of superhuman strength, flight, durability, and more. However, she also possesses great abilities like accelerated healing, enhanced hearing and vision, immortality, and reality alteration. She has gone toe-to-toe with some of the biggest and baddest villains in the DC Universe, coming out of those fights unscathed.

Who would win?

It’s evident that Diana would emerge victorious in a fight with Maeve. While the latter certainly has some mighty powers, she gets overwhelmed when paired with someone of her power level.

Not to mention, Homelander and Black Noir were able to take her down as well. Wonder Woman is the clear victor and the strongest between the two.

Note: This article is solely based on the author’s opinions.

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