Wirda Mansur Clarifies Allegations of Lying Lectures at Oxford, Claims to Take Education in 4 Campuses

: Wirda Mansur tells the complete tale of his instructional historical past which has long gone viral on social media. He admitted that he was on go away after not finishing his education at Oxford.
Recently, Wirda Mansur was suspected of mendacity as a result of he claimed to be a graduate from the University of Oxford. The dialogue about Yusuf Mansur’s daughter’s education stage has long gone viral on social media.
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This time, Wirda Mansur in any case spread out about the pleasure at his education stage. He admitted that at first he did not be expecting it to pass viral.

“So right here I need to straighten out what has been viral in recent years and I additionally don’t know how it may pass viral like this,” stated Wirda Mansur in InstaStory on Wednesday (23/2), as uploaded via the gossip account @lambe_turah.

“Okay, so it’s like this, those that stated that I studied at 3 campuses, sure, that’s a lie as it’s in fact not 3 however 4, I say hahaha,” he stated, quoted on Thursday (23/2/2022).

“So I was like, ‘Wow, in the event that they know that I find out about in 4 puts, I believe they may be able to, so what’s the proper factor,’ he persevered.

Wirda then defined that he had studied at many universities. He even admitted that he was skilled at 4 campuses. Wirda showed that he had studied at Oxford however did not end it.

“Okay, so it’s like this, in 2017 I took the International of at Oxford but it surely didn’t end,” defined Wirda. “I returned to Indonesia, after that I re-applied to Raffles University, so in 2017 I had a bachelor’s stage, I wasn’t there lengthy, handiest 3 semesters after that I left (out).”

Furthermore, Wirda stated that she had taken a 12 months’s go away from college. After that, this celebgram as neatly as a tender entrepreneur enrolled at some other campus, particularly at the University of Buckingham, England and was authorized.

“And from there in 2018 I took an opening 12 months (go away) and I determined to take a brief smash till 2019 I re-apply once more at the University of Buckingham or UOB, I majored in Business Enterprise,” persevered Wirda.

Not handiest that, Wirda additionally took lectures at the Daarul Quran Institute which was owned via his father. “Besides that, I took a double stage at the Daarul Quran Institute majoring in Islam, you recognize, so I took 2 in the UK (UK) and right here,” he persevered.

At the finish of the explanation, Wirda may just handiest ask for prayers relating to his education. The explanation why is now Wirda admits that he’s on go away. “What’s more essential is that you simply pray for me, that’s all, and now I’m on go away,” he concluded.

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