Yoon Chan Young Positive for COVID-19, ‘Ask Us Anything’ Cancels Filming Schedule

: After conducting a self-test, Yoon Chan Young received a positive result of COVID-19. All schedules were suspended after the PCR results came out, the filming of ‘Ask Us Anything’ was cancelled.
Unpleasant news came from Yoon Chan Young. The “All of Us Are Dead” actor has tested positive for COVID-19 so he had to cancel his shooting schedule.
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On Thursday (24/2), Yoon Chan Young had time to do a self-test with a personal device before filming. On the same day, Yoon Chan Young was supposed to film with the JTBC program “Ask Us Anything” or also known as “Knowing Bros.

When Yoon Chan Young tested positive for COVID-19 with a personal test result, he immediately stopped all activities and took a PCR test. Following the worst case scenario, the production team of “Ask Us Anything” decided to cancel filming completely.

On Friday (25/2), Yoon’s agency announced that Yoon Chan Young’s PCR test results also tested positive. Thus, the actor who was born in 2001 must self-isolate within the stipulated period.

“Yoon Chan Young’s PCR test results came back positive for COVID-19. Yoon Chan Young previously received two doses of the vaccine, and is currently not showing any symptoms. Those concerned will comply with the quarantine guidelines from the government health authorities,” the agency concluded.

Yoon Chan Young was recently involved in filming the upcoming “The Sixth Sense” Season 3 as a guest. Not long ago, the PD of the show along with cast members such as Lee Sang Yeob, Mijoo ex Lovelyz, and Jessi (Jessica HO) tested positive for COVID-19.

As is known, Yoon Chan Young’s name is currently on the rise after starring in the series “All of Us Aer Dead” which for several weeks has been ranked #1 in the world’s Netflix television show. Due to his popularity, the actor has recently been involved in interviews with local media.

Meanwhile, Yoon Chan Young is also preparing for his latest drama “Juvenile Delinquency” which will soon air. In the drama, he will play Gong Yoon Tak whose life has completely changed since he met criminal teenager Kyung Da Kyung (Won Ji An). The drama will air at the end of March.

Get well soon, Yoon Chan Young!

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